UK Luxury Replica Watches Spotting At The 96th Annual Academy Awards

The 96th Annual Academy Awards are here, and while I have serious award season fatigue, I won’t deny that I enjoy a little live Oscars coverage courtesy of E! Gowns and celebrity gossip are enough to help me muster up the strength for yet another Hollywood red carpet procession.

I rallied together the troops (many of whom have a closeted celebrity obsession) and we live streamed red carpet coverage in unison. Below you will find the fruits of our labor courtesy of a Sunday night slack chat.

Yes, many of the perfect replica watches worn tonight are part of brand and celebrity partnerships, and yes, as an enthusiast, that can be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s something we’ll have to learn to accept. Last year, I addressed the state of “pay to play” as it pertains to high quality fake watches in Hollywood and included a little prayer to the watch gods for a smidge more variety. But it’s still fun to indulge in a little watch-spotting on Oscars night and even more exciting when you clock something totally organic à la Ryan Gosling in his vintage 1:1 fake Rolex Air King 5500 at the 2017 Golden Globes. Check out Jon Batiste below in a J.N. Shapiro Resurgence for something totally outside of the norm.

I’ll refrain from any Academy Awards analysis (I’ll leave any unpacking of this year’s wins to resident movie expert Danny Milton). But I will always remember Ryan Goslings (and Slash?!) – pink Plasma fastened over his bright pink and crystal embellished sleeve and pink glove – in what is maybe the campiest Oscar’s performance in recent memory?