UK Blue Dials Fake TAG Heuer Monaco CAW211P.FC6356 Watches For Men

In 1969, TAG Heuer pushed out Monaco, which won good reputation because of its unique design and breakthrough technique. What made this series world famous? Because of the film “Le Mans” acted by Steve Mc Queen. He wears the blue dial TAG Heuer Monaco in the film. This edition helps him have better controls of the time. Since then, this series has started its connection with racing field.

The male replica watches are made from polished stainless steel.
Male Replica TAG Heuer Monaco CAW211P.FC6356 Watches

This year is the 50th anniversary of Monaco. TAG Heuer launched perfect watches replica TAG Heuer Monaco CAW211P.FC6356 according to the original edition. This well-designed edition with square case also has blue dial.

The black leather straps copy watches have blue dials.
Black Leather Straps Copy TAG Heuer Monaco CAW211P.FC6356 Watches

The polished stainless steel copy TAG Heuer watches have perforated black alligator leather straps that are air-permeable, durable and comfortable. On the blue dials, there are remarkable hour marks and hands, date windows and two white square-shaped chronograph sub-dials.