Two Sophisticated And Charming Replica Watches For UK Women

Will you think of the ice queen in the fairy tale of childhood when the snow falls in winter and the whole world becomes white. She is elegant, charming, noble but inviolable, and she is as clean as crystal snow and shining everywhere wherever she goes. In the watchmaking industry, there are several watches with the same extraordinary temperament of the Snow Queen. Here I will share two of the noble fake watches for women with you.

1, Blancpain 3653-1954L-58B

The mother-of-pearl dial has presented the different colors including blue, white, gray, purple and so on.
Mother-Of-Pearl Dial Fake Blancpain

The Blancpain copy watch with white gold case looks like the snow beauty who is pure and mysterious. The crystal mother-of-pearl dial is as delicate as the skin of the beauty and all the elements on the dial exude a retro style. The diamonds paved on the bezel are just like the snowflakes. It meets the atmosphere of winter, but I have to say, will you feel cold when wearing the “cold” watch in winter?

2, Glashütte Original 90-00-14-14-04

The integrated design of this timepiece has presented the high level of watchmaking craftsmanship.
Diamonds Paved Bezel Glashütte Original Imitation

In fact, the integrated design of this model is the same with the last Blancpain. The 39.4 mm Glashütte Original knockoff watch sports a fluent temperament with dreamlike style. There are snowflake pattern engraved on the side of the case, with the distinctive Acqualino strap, the model will make the wearers feel like standing in the snow, enjoying the beautiful snowscape in winter.