Top Watches Omega Replica Bucks Oscars Trend by Sponsoring a Lady’s Jewellery Secret Watch You Can’t Buy

On night of 26 February 2017, the 89th Academy Awards opened with red carpet festivities, one of the most visible publicity events for brands and likely one of the more potent methods to enjoy the transitive properties of Hollywood Star Power to boost awareness (and hopefully sales) for many brands.

For Omega, rather than supply an in production, commercial model like most other brands, cheap replica Omega ambassador and Oscar nominee Nicole Kidman arrived on Sunday night wearing a vintage Omega Lady’s Jewellery Secret Watch from 1955. In essence, Omega was bucking Oscars trends by sponsoring a watch you couldn’t buy.

Omega Lady’s Jewellery Secret Watch You Can’t Buy

With Speedmasters, Seamasters and DeVilles occupying modern consciousness, it’s no longer common knowledge that buy replica watches Omega has a veritable history of award winning lady’s jewellery secret watches stretching over five decades. Nicole Kidman was not only sporting an extremely rare 1955 Omega Lady’s Jewellery Secret Watch in 18 carat white gold, set with 50 brilliant-cut diamonds with 16 baguette cut diamonds for the cover; but the Calibre 440 which lies hidden below the Ivory dial is also one of the smallest manual winding calibres to date. Furthermore, the lady’s jewellery secret watch Ref. 14.618.478. is one of the few watches from Omega’s legendary heritage which sports no-winding crown on the side and instead hides it under the case.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 26: Actor Nicole Kidman attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards with her Omega Lady’s Secret Jewellery Watch from 1955, it’s a model not in current production which makes it even more lustworthy.

Omega’s award winning run in the theatre of design and jewellery watchmaking began as far as 1896 with the Gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition in Geneva right up to 1982. That said, former Head of Patek Philippe’s jewellery department Gilbert Albert became a regular collaborator with Omega in 1962 and of the 10 Diamond International Awards he had won between 1958 and 1988, two were for Omega in 1963 and 1964. Online fake Omega watches cheap.

A Brief Look at Omega’s Heritage in Lady’s Jewellery Watches

Left: Gilbert Albert fastening his creation, a gold and diamond studded necklace featuring an exceptionally large 157 carat moldavite concealing a miniscule Omega secret calibre. Right: Winner of 1963 Perles d’Or award diamond-set watch which hides the Calibre 640. (Image: Omega Archives)
left: Winner of 1963 Boucle d’Or Award – Laced 18 carat yellow gold brooch with core of 59 brilliant cut diamonds masking a baguette calibre 690 watch. Right: Winner of 1963 Pave Royal Award, a lady’s jewellery secret watch with 130 brilliant and 163 baguette cut diamonds totally 46 carats all asymmetrically set, concealing the calibre 640 which is revealed by pressing on one of the gold flakes. (Image: Omega Archives)