Luxury Eberhard Chrono 4 Fake Watches With Silver Dials For UK Sale

Many people are not familiar with the Eberhard. Today I will briefly introduce some information of the watch brand a distinctive model will be recommended too. Eberhard was established in 1887 by Georges-Emile Eberhard. For more than one hundred of years, it always has great passion on the perfection for each model, keeping innovating continuously. Combining the traditional aesthetic elements with the innovative technology, Eberhard pays close attention on each detail. In 2001, the creative copy Eberhard launched revolutionary model with four counters ranked in a line on the dial which is the first model in the watchmaking history with such a design.

The black counters and slender seconds hand are in contrast to the silver dial.
Eberhard Chrono 4 Replica With Automatic Movement

Today’s model is just the revolutionary Chrono 4. Why is it called Chrono 4? The four horizontally arranged chronographs in the dial will be its best explanation. Eberhard Chrono 4 replica with stainless steel case has broken through the design of traditional chronograph, changing the way of reading the time, meanwhile inheriting the innovative concept of the brand. The exclusive design has been protected by the patent. The date window has been set at 12 o’clock which is rare to see on other models since it usually has been set at 3 o’clock or 6 o’clock.

The black leather strap matches the black sub-dials perfectly, which is also suitable for formal occasion.
Eberhard Fake With Black Leather Strap

The solid stainless steel caseback guarantees the demand of waterproof for daily life while the black leather strap is comfortable. The 40 mm imitation watch will be a good partner in workplace, enhancing the charm of the wearers and reinforcing the confidence.