Big UK Wholesale Fake Watches Are Not A Thing Of The Past

At the beginning of 2021, some actors in the watch industry predicted the end of large AAA UK replica watches or pizza-watches (paella-watches for local diners), those that reached 45 mm in diameter and even exceeded them. Yes, many brands like Rolex released more comfortable models for a wider audience that went down to 39mm and even 36mm.

But, although the global trend is to manufacture more restrained high-end fake watches for sale, there remains a resistance from giants of firms such as IWC, Richard Mille, Hublot and Panerai willing to not give up ground. Because there has to be something for all tastes and dolls. Here are five pretty loud examples of it.

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II Black Magic Replica Watches

Size: 45mm diameter.

Movement: automatic, with hour and chronograph functions.

Price: €26,900

High quality Hublot copy watches has had bigger ones, but currently its top is at 45mm, the ones in this year’s new Big Bang Sang Bleu II, for example, in black or green ceramic and in gold. They are conceived in collaboration with tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi, with whom the watchmaker has been working for seven years.

Fake IWC Big Pilot’s Watches

Size: 46.2mm diameter.

Movement: automatic, with functions of hours, minutes, seconds, date and power reserve indicator (seven days).

Price: €13,800

IWC is one of the firms that maintains the most extra large format perfect replica watches in its current collection, with up to 60 references of 44 mm or more. Of these, there are five 46.2mm, all aviator versions. The majority do not deceive: in their name they carry the Great One ahead.

Replica Breitling Emergency Watches

Size: 51mm diameter.

Movement: thermocompensated quartz electronic, with analog and digital display, battery consumption indicator, chronograph, calendar, countdown, 20 time zones, alarm clock, minute repeater…

Price: €14,040

Who gives more? Best Swiss Breitling replica watches, well, it ships two 51mm Emergency models, that’s nothing. They are safety and survival instruments for professionals, the first wrist-beacon luxury super clone watches, which simultaneously emit a personal emergency signal via satellite on two different frequencies. At the same time that they launch the alert, they guide the location and rescue operations. A life insurance.