UK High Quality Panerai Luminor Replica Watches Online

1993 was an important year for perfect replica Panerai. With their history stretching back over 160 years, it may surprise you that Panerai’s first watch was actually launched in 1993, well, publicly at least. The brand had been working with the Italian military since the 1930s, however, it wasn’t until six decades later that they actually began producing watches for the public. The first watch available was what has gone on to be their most recognisable design – the Luminor. The luxury fake Panerai Luminor reference 5218-201/A was produced in 677 examples, heavily inspired by the watches supplied to the military.

“Heavily inspired” is somewhat of an understatement, these uk 1:1 replica watches were virtually identical. 44mm in diameter, ultra-legible matte black sandwich dial, and the signature crown-protection device guaranteeing water resistance to 300 metres. The traditional cushion-shaped design was there, but ever-so-slightly reworked from the original prototypes. Soon after the release, big watches gained significant popularity, especially once Sly Stallone expressed his fondness of the brand.

Swiss movement fake Panerai UK even remade 212 of the original prototypes and released them as Stallone special editions. As we know, trends move in cycles, larger watches are falling a little off trend more recently, however, these original Panerai Luminors replica for men have gone down in history, and will forever be an important piece of it.