Introducing What Kind Of Clothing And Fake Watches Should Be Matched For Formal Occasion UK

There are so many people wearing watches, but how many people know them? Those who truly understand the watch are not only familiar with the information of them, but also understand what kind of clothing and accessories should be matched in different occasions. Today let us talk about how to match your clothes and wristwatches on formal occasion including banquet, wedding and lecture.

It is usually said that watches and suits are necessary treasures for gentlemen. On formal and serious occasions, men generally need to wear two or three sets of suits which are jackets, trousers and vests according to the tradition. You can wear a tuxedo with a bow tie in particularly formal occasion. The wristwatches with black dials or white dials will both be suitable. Frederique Constant Slimline fake with silver dial will be a good choice.

The Frederique Constant has been designed with elegance and simplicity.
Frederique Constant Replica With Automatic Movement

Referring to the color of the suits, white and black are always the most classic tone which will never be wrong. Navy blue suits are another good choice. The shoes should be leather shoes in dark tone, matching the integrated color of the clothes. The dazzling shoes will be abrupt and odd.

The 40 mm Frederique Constant imitation watch with elegance, classic design and ultra master case is much more suitable for formal occasion. It hasn’t been designed with many decorations. Stainless steel bracelet and leather strap will both be better, however, if attending the banquet, the leather strap version will fit you excellently.

The movement could be viewed through the transparent caseback.
Stainless Steel Case Copy Frederique Constant Slimline