Had a luxury replica watch stolen? Use this Premier League footballer’s tactic to get it back…

In March this year, Premier League footballer Rico Henry was in a London hotel when he somehow managed to lose his perfect fake Rolex. The watch had apparently fallen out of his pocket. When Henry discovered that his UK cheap replica Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 126715CHMR was missing, the Brentford left-back was understandably distraught. But when he checked with the hotel staff, no one had handed it in.

Luckily, one of Henry’s friends suggested he contact The Watch Register, an international database of lost, stolen and fake watches online, that was established with the purpose of protecting people from buying stolen property and enabling insurers and victims to recover their losses.

After Henry filed his best 1:1 fake Rolex as lost on The Watch Register’s database, it was detected at a pawnbroker’s less than a fortnight later when the owner of the business decided to check the watch’s provenance. The Watch Register immediately organised the recovery and the subsequent return of the watch to Henry, who was reunited with his watch just 36 days after the loss

“I am really happy with the service,” Henry said. “It was fast, with good communication and I am really glad to have my watch back.”

Henry’s aaa quality replica Rolex UK is one of 68 that The Watch Register has successfully recovered so far in 2023 and one of 150,000 checked by The Watch Register database each year.

If you’ve lost a watch, you can request a search using The Watch Register via their website. A one-off search costs £10 / USD$13, but if you’ve lost multiple super clone watches online there are discounted rates available for bulk searches.

All up, it sounds like a great service and if you have suffered the misfortune of losing your copy watch then it’s probably well worth a go. In order to take full advantage of these types of services, it’s always worth keeping a record of your watch’s serial numbers in order to facilitate the identification process. And maybe keep your Swiss movement fake Rolex on your wrist, too, rather than storing it in your pocket like Henry.